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10 Reasons Jon Was Destined To Win

After 74 days, 'Big Jon' Pardy exited the Big Brother Canada house a 'hundo' grand richer! Looking back it seemed like Jon was always in it to win it and here's why we think he did: 1. He knew when to step up his game Jon played a relatively quite game the first 4 weeks. He managed to be the goofy guy everyone loved while hiding his physical strength from the First Five. 2. He formed a small but strong alliance Jon and Neda had a strong connection from the moment they entered the house, but it wasn't until they bonded over their dislike of Andrew in week 2 that they became a true twosome. 3. He was a competition powerhouse He won 3 HOH and 3 POV competitions over the course of the season, far surpassing all other houseguests. The next closest competitor was Neda with 2 HOH wins and 1 POV. 4. He played both sides of the house Jon managed to be a guys-guy and girls-guy by joking around with the boys and warming up to the girls by talking about his relationship back home. Who ever said nice guys finish last? 5. He genuinely cared about his friends in the house If a houseguest was ever crying or alone Big Jon was always just a hug away. We got to see even more gentle Jon moments when Neda won HOH and was moved to the secret room for 24 hours Jon was distraught and begged his bestie to never leave him again. 6. He kept fans entertained It's no coincidence Jon won Canada's Jury Vote. Jon provided fans with dance moves and one-liners that had us laughing for days! 7. He didn't ruffle feathers Tension runs high in the Big Brother house, but Jon managed to steer clear of the screaming matches and kept his opinions to soft whispers and sighs with his BFF. 8. He was willing to make sacrifices Believe it or not some people put limits on what they are willing to do for the grand prize, but not Jon! Jon gave up showering, contact with his fellow housemates, he even wore a diaper for a week all in the name of being declared the winner. 9. He wasn't afraid to evict friends Jon put Arlie, Adel, Heather and Neda on the block. Fans at home could see him struggle which each major play, but in the end he knew he had to take out these players to go all the way! 10. He only ended up on the block once! While Sabrina was on the block six times this season Jon only got called on once. Talk about flying under the radar! Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what was your favourite Big Jon moment of the season!

May 12

The Big Win

May 09

The Final Three

May 08

Getting Social With The Houseguests

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and more, the season two houseguests are online and want to get connected with you! Follow your favourite #BBCAN2 houseguests and get the inside scoop on the Big Brother Canada family! Anick Gervais: Keep up with the #LoveRevolution by following her on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Kyle Shore: Kyle was the tough guy with the big heart this season. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram! Scott Bosse: The fabulous Contessa shows and tells it all on Twitter. Get the scoop now!     Nate Sandri: Sweet loveable Nate is on Twitter too, follow him for everything from sports updates to flashbacks from the war room. Paul Jackson: PJ was one of the most vocal houseguests this season. Follow him on Twitter for his take on the final three. Ika Wong: It's time to get Ikafied, this sassy houseguest has no problem speaking her mind, read it all here and check out her photos on Instagram. Andrew Gordon: You voted him out and ended his game, but don't worry Canada, @AndrewGordonYYC doesn't hold a grudge... now how long do you think it will take before we see instavids of him dancing? Sarah Miller: Mumsie was always the rational one in the house so you can bet her tweets will be on point too! Kenny Brian: The beard is back online! Be sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and who knows you even catch him "humping and fist pumping" again! Allison White: With Big Brother over Allison is no longer required to keep secrets from the house, find out what she has to say about the game (and her relationship with Andrew) on Twitter. Rachelle Diamond: Miss Rachelle's classic duckface poses? Get your fill by following her on Instagram and Twitter. Adel Elseri: Some of the best catchphrases of the season came from this guy. Get even more on Twitter and Instagram! Heather Decksheimer: If you loved Heather's sweet and strong attitude on the show you'll love following @hdsmilealways on Instagram and Twitter. Neda Kalantar: If you think Neda was robbed of #BBCAN glory this season let her know @NedaBBCAN! Sabrina Abbate: Love her or hate her, she played a great game and walked away with 20,000 to prove it. See how she spends her prize money by following @sabrina_abbate. Jon Pardy: He's the man who won it all. Congratulate Jon on Facebook and Twitter now! Miss the season one cast? Get their Twitter accounts now!

May 08

How To Place Your Jury Vote

Canada, it's time to place your Jury vote! Visit and vote right on the homepage by clicking on the image of the houseguest you want to win this season. Everyone has a chance to make their vote before 12pm ET on Thursday, May 8th. If you do not have a Big Brother Canada online account simply type in the code you see in the vote confirmation box and then click submit to ensure the vote is counted. If you've been playing all season long your level will help multiply your voting power. As a registered user all you have to do is confirm your vote to help crown your favourite houseguest as the winner of the season. Remember, your vote has only been counted if you see the confirmation screen. Once you place your vote it will disappear from the homepage allowing you to keep browsing the site and getting the latest news from the house! Canada's Jury vote can only be awarded to the houseguest in the Final Two who has the most votes supporting them. So, remember Canada, you are working together to make one person's dream come true!

May 08

Unforgettable Big Brother Finales

May 07

The Final Four

May 02

Which Final Five Houseguest Are You Most Like?

We're down to the Final Five in the Big Brother Canada house. So now we want to know, which Final Five houseguest are you most like? 1. You made Final Five, what do you do first? A. Hangout with my best bud in my HOH room. B. Scope out the competition. No time for rest in this game. C. Sip a little bubbly, who would have thought little ol' me could make it all this way? D. Cry in the hallway. This is bitter-sweet I lost my BFF but I'm still in this game. E. Hug my alliance, it's been a long ride but Final 2 here I come! 2. Who is your Big Brother Idol? A. Dan, I've never seen someone play a game smarter and more manipulative than he did. B. Britney, she's not the best player, but she sure is entertaining! C. I love Evil Dick, but he's not my idol. D. Rachel Reilly, she's fun and flirty and knows how to play the game. E. Tom and Talla - Edmonton represent! 3. What is your strategy to make it to the end? A. Keep winning competitions and take out the people who threaten my alliances game. B. Stay close to my alliance, but turn on him in the end. C. Hold my own in competitions and ride to Final 3 with my besties. D. Every day is another chance, if I can't win a comp I'll use my words to strike new deals E. Show no mercy during evictions and then use my charm to smooth things over on finale night. 4. What is your stance on competitions? A. I'm a competition power house, more wins equal more power. B. As half of a power duo, we have to win them all. C. People have been underestimating me since the beginning, which is fine but I'm a fierce competitor. D. I haven't one any yet. Big Brother! Throw me a bone here! E. I won one and I hope I can win more. 5. It's time for nominations, who do you put up? A. Whoever is a bigger threat to my and my best friend's game. B. Strong physical competitors. C. Anyone who's not in my alliance first, then the weakest links. D. The guy who took out my best friend, I hate him! E. My worst enemy. I can't deal with annoying people in this house! Mostly A's Jon You play this game like Jon. You are a massive physical threat and play a wicked social game, but remember to keep an eye on those closest to you cause you never know when they're going to stab you in the back! Mostly B's Neda Your Big Brother style is most like Neda's. You are a real puppet master. You are constantly keeping an eye on those around you but you've been careful to cover your tracks so no one thinks of you as a threat. Keep this up and you'll sail into a Final 3. Mostly C's Heather You and Heather are like two peas in a pod. You have been a true underdog all season long, but you have the strength to win competitions and you aren't afraid to make big plays. Now in the Final Five, you have to watch your back and only trust yourself. Mostly D's Sabrina Your game style is most like Sabrina. You started as a puppet master, but ever since your alliance fell apart you've been struggling to win back power. It's going to be an emotional ride, but if you choose your words wisely, you could convince someone to take you to Final 3. Mostly E's Adel You and Adel have the same Big Brother style. You've been loyal all season long, but your harsh words and cruel strategy could cost you. You'll have to keep your words and emotions in check if you are hoping to win some Jury votes. Who are you cheering on for Final 3? Share your matches and guesses below!

Apr 28

April 25 Spoilers

Apr 25

One Gremlin Remains

Apr 25

How To Vote For The Big Brother Canada Awards

Are you ready Canada? It's time to join the Big Brother Academy! This season's awards has six categories and you get to choose the winners. All you have to do is watch the videos for each category then vote by clicking the check mark next to the clip that made you laugh, cry or smile the most. Be sure to vote for  all six categories and then select the icon mentioned below the final question. From there it's as simple as submitting your form to ensure your vote is counted. Remember, voting closes on April 30th so don't waste time, vote today! Tune in Sunday, May 4th at 9pm ET/PT to watch the exclusive Big Brother Canada Red Carpet and Award show only on Slice!

Apr 24

Adel's HOH Playlist

Apr 22

After The Instant Eviction

Apr 21

First To Jury

Apr 18

Canada's Jury Vote

It's TWISTOSTM TWIST  time and just like before we're giving you the power to make another big move. Canada, you have the 7th - and final - Jury vote! On Wednesday, May 7th, will transform one more time allowing you to vote for the houseguest you want to win this season. Voting will close on May 8th at noon. Every vote counts so make sure you check your pick before submitting your vote. Canada's votes will be tallied and the remaining houseguest with the most votes will receive Canada's final jury vote. So, what should you do in between now and May 7th? Keep earning points of course! Remember, as a registered user the more points you earn the more your influence you have in the game, so keep striving for that Diamond level so your vote will count for 100x more than an unregistered user. Check out the chart below to find out how much influence you have right now: There are points to be earned all over the website so play along and help your favourite houseguest take home the grand prize. Follow this simple guide to start earning points now! We're counting on you Canada, vote wise and don't pull a Topaz! The Big Brother Canada season 2 finale will air Thursday, May 8th at 9pm ET/PT only on Slice - don't miss it!

Apr 17

Jon's HOH Playlist

Rock out to Jon's Head of Household playlist! The Guess Who - American Woman The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore Matchbox Twenty - Bent Prodigy - Breathe AC DC - Jailbreak Brad Paisley - Mud on the Tires Weezer - Buddy Holly Blink 182 - All The Small Things U2 - Numb Oasis - Wonderwall

Apr 14

Two In One

Apr 11

Five Becomes Four

Canada's run as HOH has broken the original First Five alliance and given hope to the new Outsiders. The First Five's brawn, Andrew Gordon, was voted out in a 7 to 2 margin against his alliance member and best friend, Sabrina Abbate. Host Arisa Cox questioned Andrew about theories as to why Canada nominated him for eviction. After a few speculations he turned to the audience exclaiming, "Why did you?!". Andrew spent majority of the week feeling defeated and believing his fate was sealed until his showmance, Allison, pointed out that Jon could be a swing vote. After a brief conversation with Jon, Andrew started to have hope, but it was quickly dashed and drama ensued when Jon notified Sabrina that Andrew was campaigning against her. Kenny Brain also worked hard this week to ensure his alliance remained close, revealing to Sarah that he is gay. Kenny later admits that coming out to Sarah is partly strategy saying "I know it'll strengthen our bond and our relationship and that I can use in the game, but it is largely just me knowing and loving Sarah and just wanting her to know exactly who I am. His strategy worked with Sarah acknowledging that she worries if the rest of the house learns of his secret "it will put a bigger target on his back". Remember those mug shots we told you about on Wednesday? Big Brother definitely had something in mind when he made those up! The blind side HOH competition let  houseguests knock out their competition and advance to another round of questions if they answered correctly, instantly 3 of the big dogs were out of the running and before Arisa announces to the audience that this week is another big one, a double eviction that is sure to rock the house once again. Find out who won HOH in the exciting continuation on Sunday night at 9pm ET/PT on Slice and check back here for all the latest Big Brother news. Big Brother Canada airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 9pm ET/PT.

Apr 04

April 2 Spoilers

Apr 02

Girls Edition: Who Would Be Your BBCAN Prom Date?

On Sunday night the houseguests got to dance the night away during the Big Brother Canada prom. Seeing them all dressed up and having a blast made us wonder: which female houseguests would your perfect prom date? 1. What would your date be wearing? A. A form fitting knee-length dress that hugs her in all the right places B. A playful black dress with sneakers and grunge accessories C. A backless gown in a deep hue that makes her porcelain skin glow D. A skin tight mini dress to show off her curves E. A simple dress in a solid colour, she'd be more comfortable in jeans and a tee F. The fluffiest, sparkliest dress you've ever seen, she really looks like a princess 2. As you're entering, your date... A. Is cool and collected, she's even giving you a pep talk to calm your nerves B. Is plotting to find the DJ and take over his station C. Looks bored and just wants to sit down and talk to the people she already knows and likes D. Is shouting out to her friends on the other end of the hall, you better keep up or she'll leave you behind E. Is cracking jokes and keeping her eyes only on you F. Seems to be beaming and gliding through the crowd 3. What is her signature dance move? A. She likes the classics and it usually involves a lot of snapping B. She's more of a head banger than a dancer C. She can twerk and grind, but avoids the dance floor D. Strike a pose and vogue! E. The sprinkler for sure! F. The waltz, it's so dreamy! 4. How did you invite your date to prom? A. I just walked up to her and asked, she's really chill like that B. We were at a concert so I got up on stage and asked her C. I put a note next to her mascots outfit... it was a weiner! D. She invited me... after yelling at me first. What can I say I like a strong woman? E. We're on the same baseball team so after practice F. She was the princess in the school play and I was the prince so I just had to ask her out 5. It's the end of the night, what happens next? A. We decide to go on an crazy adventure around town B. We go back to my place and spend the rest of the night playing video games C. I can't find her, I think she followed her friend who was crying all night D. She left crying, I don't even know what I said? E. We grab some burgers and sit and chat in a diner all night F. We dance under the moonlight Mostly A's Sarah Your perfect prom date would be Sarah, she's laid back and level headed which is perfect for you since you can't stand drama. Mostly B's Neda You and Neda would be the perfect match, you can joke all night and talk about your dreams for the future. Mostly C's Rachelle Blink and you might miss her, your date is Rachelle, she'd prefer to sit in the back and stick to her close friends. Good luck getting her to dance! Mostly D's Sabrina You like a challenge so Sabrina is your ideal prom date, she'll go through every range of emotion so sit back and enjoy the show. Mostly E's Allison Your prom date is Allison, it's like going with one of the guys, but she's better to look at. Mostly F's Heather You would go to prom with princess Heather, she's dreamed of this night and needs the perfect prince to go with it. Which girl would be your prom date? Share your results on Facebook and Twitter then check out the guy's quiz!

Mar 31

Guys Edition: Who Would Be Your BBCAN Prom Date?

On Sunday night the houseguests got to dance the night away during the Big Brother Canada prom. Seeing them all dressed up and having a blast made us wonder: which male houseguests would be your perfect prom date? 1. Making your entrance, your date... A. Holds your hand while swinging it back and forth B. Is 10 steps ahead of you checking out the crowd C. Is making you laugh with the most ridiculous imitations D. Is walking behind you, holding your dress so you don't trip E. Is linked to your arm wearing a letterman's jacket and high five-ing everyone on his way in 2. What drink does your date grab for you? A. A classic fruit punch, you don't need alcohol to have a good time! B. Gotta be a beer, that he snuck in under his jacket C. I'm not even sure, I think he stole it from someone else D. A refreshing white wine spritzer E. The punch of course... but with a little vodka twist 3. What is his signature dance move? A. So, he doesn't really know how to dance... but don't tell him I said that! B. Name it and he'll do it, this guy is a dance machine! C. A master entertainer he steals all his moves from cheesy movies D. Thrust and fist pump of course! E. It's more of a bend at the knees and head bop situation 4. You spill something on your dress, what does your date do? A. Spills something on himself so you aren't the only one B. Suggests you two leave early so he can help you take it off C. Figures it's time to start a food fight that way everyone's a little messy D. Grabs some club soda and helps you clean up E. Doesn't notice, but offers to pick something up to help you clean up after you point it out 5. Prom night is winding down, how does your date leave you? A. He walks me to my door steps and gives me a kiss goodnight B. He tries to take me to a hotel and when I say no he invites my best friend instead C. He doesn't, we partied all night D. With a dramatic and emotional speech where he gets a little teary E. Takes me for a drive around town before dropping me home Mostly A's Adel The original outsider, Adel, would be your perfect prom date. He's sweet and loyal and tries to get along with everyone. Mostly B's Andrew You and alpha male Andrew would make the perfect match. He has a tough exterior and commands attention which is just fine by you. Mostly C's Arlie If you want to be entertained all night Arlie is the best prom date for you. He'll crack jokes, imitate people you can't stand, and always keep you on your toes. Mostly D's Kenny Your prom date would be soulful Kenny. He looks great in a tux and having a blast on the dance floor, but he'd really rather be cuddling on the couch. Mostly E's Jon You would go to prom with Jon the jock. Everyone knows and loves him, but he's there with you and is oblivious to the things around him. Which guy would be your prom date? Share your results on Facebook and Twitter then check out the girl's quiz!

Mar 31

March 31 Spoilers

Mar 31

Music In My HOH

Not only does the Head of Household get power, they also get privileges. So this week we'll feature what you want in your Head of Household room. Today, it's music! We asked you what you wanted to listen to (and we were inundated with requests) so here's a select few from Canada's HOH Playlist! Kitiara wanted a little Lady Gaga, so here's Mother Monster's latest: Michelle Lynn said "how about anything by Bryan Adams" and we happily oblige! Sarah Joy wanted some Arctic Monkeys - so we present Do I Wanna Know Corey wants to Work in his HOH Room - so here's a little Britney Spears and Work B*tch Michelle Lynn was feeling a little happy to be HOH this week, so here's her music choice! We asked Big Brother what he wanted to hear, not surprisingly he chose Hey Brother from Avicii. And here's one more for good measure - a way back playback from Mark Morrison and Return of the Mack Eclectic tastes for sure. What would you want on your HOH Playlist? Comment below!

Mar 29

Ika's Best Bits.. in GIF Form

We were so sad to see Ika go home on Thursday's episode. She brought so much humour and sass to the house and to her diary room visits. We loved her so much that we're remembering her with everyone's favourite animated image format, GIF. [cue In Memoriam slow music with perfectly timed clapping from the audience] We first learned to love Ika Wong when she graced our television screens in her first bio pack. It wasn't the most graceful of introductions, but it was an introduction no less. Then when Paul accused Andrew of being racist and sexist at the nomination ceremony, she calmed the situation in the best way she knows how: by fixing her hair. She then took to the diary room to say how she really felt about the situation. She then became HOH and we learned that Ika Wong don't listen to nobody but Ika Wong.   We also learned that she wears giant squirrel suits like nobody else.   But then the cracks in Ika's HOH plans started to crumble and we think she knew, but she remained optimistic. She reflected on her time as HOH with us in the Diary Room But we may have rolled her eyes at her. BIG MOVES IKA. BIG MOVES! And then with one foul swoop the Ika HOH train came to a sudden stop and all the houseguests jumped out. And girl was not happy. And then #LetterGate happened.. And we may have done a little jig.. So long sweet Ika. We'll miss you. We want to thank these Two Tumblr accounts and for all their hard work GIF-ing Ika's best bits!

Mar 28

The Biggest Twist

Mar 28

Canada's HOH

Canada you are this weeks HOH. All season long you can play along and predict what is going to happen in the house, but  this week you have the power to name the nominees too! You have until Friday at 10pm ET to choose the two houseguests you want to see on the block. This TWISTOSTM TWIST will be over before you know it, so be sure to sign in and make your points work for you. Visit and make your picks now! Step 1: Click the + to pick one nominee in the first the box. Step 2: Click on the photo of one of the two houseguests you are nominating for eviction. Step 3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the second nomination box. Step 4:Once you have selected both nominees, confirm your vote by typing in the keywords you see on your confirmation screen. If you want to change your selection click the X in the right hand corner and vote again. Step 4B: If you are already registered, and signed in, click submit to cast your vote! Remember, if you are registered your vote can count for up to 100x more than an unregistered user - so be sure to play along before voting so your vote counts for more power and influence! Step 5: Once you have submitted your vote you will see a confirmation screen letting you know your vote has been counted. Click on the X to close the vote confirmation screen and keep browsing to earn more points you can use throughout the season. Step 6: Watch Slice on Sunday, March 30th at 9pm ET/PT to see who Canada nominates for eviction!

Mar 27

March 25 Spoilers

Mar 25

March 23 Spoilers

Mar 23

Buzzworthy Recap

They came, they saw, they got naked. All for the enjoyment of you Canada! Sunday morning we asked you to decide who the most Buzz-worthiest houseguest was and after a 12 hour day of campaigning, Adel rose victorious. Not only did Adel receive some updates from home, updates on current events and updates from his fans, he also received a very special veto reward. Watch the full episode to learn more! Although Adel reined supreme, the other houseguests had a ball trying to make themselves the buzz-worthiest. Below is a bit of what they got up to over the 12 hours. Watch all the videos on our Instagram page, or You can also check out more photos in our photo gallery here. Jon taught us how to twerk like Miley (we won't be using his tips): Rachelle got a little creepy: Kenny trained us on how to get a body like his: And then a lot of this went down:

Mar 22

Which member of the First Five alliance are you most like?

Three weeks in and the First Five alliance is still holding strong. Aside from entering the house at the same time, this alliance doesn't seem to have that much in common.Will they be able to keep it together? Or are they on the brink of a total meltdown? Take this quiz to find out which of the First Five you are most like then share your results in the comments below! 1. How would you describe yourself? A. Fun, big-hearted, big-mouthed B. Passionate, energetic, conniving C. Fun, outgoing, kind D. Ambitious, confident, intelligent E. Outgoing, energetic, intense 2. What is your strategy to win Big Brother Canada? A. Social game is so important - I'll charm the ladies and cook for the men. B. I don't have a long term strategy, but I will be the center of attention! C. It's a fine line and all about reading people. D. I'm just going to sit back and watch at first... maybe win a few challenges. E. I'm all about making moves and going for power plays 3. What would you miss most while inside the Big Brother Canada house? A. My fur babies, they are my angels. B. Probably my friends, but I'll make some in the house too so... C. Hands down, my family! D. My dog, she really is the love of my life. E. Drinking with my buddies. 4. What is your biggest pet peeve? A. Messy people B. When people under estimate me C. Bullies D. People who are late E. Close minded people 5. If you knew a houseguest was upset, how would you comfort them? A. Ask them what's wrong so we could talk about it B. Make them laugh, it's so easy! C. Listen to them and offer support D. Give them a hug, we all can get a little emotional. E. Give them space, if they want to talk about it they will. Mostly A's Sabrina You are "Italian Housewife" Sabrina. Not one to sit things out you are loud and proud and have no problems speaking your mind. Mostly B's Arlie You are funny guy Arlie. You don't take things too seriously, you're here to have fun and if the money comes with it, great! Mostly C's Sarah You are mama Miller. You're kind and caring and don't want to ruffle too many feathers, after all you do want to set a bad example for your two kids back at home. Mostly D's Kenny You are mystery man Kenny. You're charming and down to earth, but you know Big Brother is all about mind games and you're always in your head. Mostly E's Andrew You are mister macho Andrew. You are in it to win it and love flexing your muscles during competitions. With an HOH and POV under your belt you have no plans on slowing down. Which member of the First Five alliance did you get? Share your results on Facebook and Twitter!

Mar 21

Third To Go

Mar 21

Start Boosting The Meter!

Are you ready Canada? It's time to start boosting The Meter! We know you've been missing Marsha the Moose, so now we're giving you the power to bring her back! We need all our super fans to band together and move The Meter from point A to point B before Sunday. Not sure how you can help? It's easy! Simply interact with the website just like you have been and every point you earn will be added to The Meter, follow this simple guide to start earning points now! Remember, your points will only count towards The Meter while it is open. The points earned while The Meter was closed will not count towards Canada's collective goal. Marsha needs your help to escape the walls she's been living in - work together and reach 2 milllion points before Sunday to save her and see what she has in store for the houseguests this year!

Mar 20

March 19 Spoilers

Mar 19

March 17th Spoilers

Mar 17

Which HG Is The most Buzzworthy?

During Thursday night's eviction episode Arisa asked fans to tune in to the live feeds on Sunday to help reward a houseguest through an interactive buzzworthy challenge. Well, today's the day - the houseguests know you're watching and they've been tasked to keep you entertained all day long! Starting at 11am ET  until 11pm ET you can help reward the most entertaining houseguest via your favourite social network. Learn how to build the buzz below: FACEBOOK The houseguests will be taking photos just for you! If you see a photo you love, LIKE  or SHARE it to reward the houseguest with a buzzworthy point. Share the photo more than once and the houseguest will get a bonus point for every additional share. TWITTER Every time you see something you like on the live feeds use the hashtag for the houseguest that you feel was the most buzzworthy. Place #BBCAN before the name of the person you want to reward, for example #BBCANPAUL and that houseguest will get one buzzworthy point everytime their personal hashtag is used. Keep an eye out for the houseguests buzzworthy photos on Twitter too.  Anytime anyone FAVOURITES or RETWEETS a buzzworthy photo it will count as one buzz worthy point. INSTAGRAM Things get even more entertaining when the houseguests share instavids. LIKE a video and reward the houseguest with a buzzworthy point. Use the houseguest specific hashtag and that too will count as one buzzworthy point. With so many ways to give the houseguests points play along to help one lucky houseguest win a special reward. Then tune in on Wednesday March 19th at 9pm ET/PT to see who Canada felt was the most Buzzworthy!  

Mar 16

Saturday March 15 Spoilers

Mar 15

One Rises, One Falls

Mar 14

Wednesday Spoilers

Mar 12

Make Your Vote Count!

Calling all Big Brother Canada fans, have you placed your vote yet? With only three days left in the first TWISTOSTM TWIST of the season every click counts. Still not sure how to vote for the #FINALHG? Follow these step-by-step guidelines and watch on Thursday, March 13th at 9pm ET/PT as one of the three secret housguests enters the house to play for the grand prize! Step 1: Visit Step 2: Click directly on the photo of the person you wish to vote for. Step 3: If you are not registered, confirm your vote by typing in the keywords you see on your confirmation screen. Step 3B: If you are registered, simply click submit to make your vote count! Remember, if you are registered your vote can count for up to 100x more than an unregistered user - meaning you'll have more power and influence! Step 4: Once you have submitted your vote you will see a confirmation screen letting you know your vote has been counted. Click on the X to close the vote confirmation screen and keep browsing to earn more points you can use throughout the season. Step 5: Watch Slice on Thursday, March 13th at 9pm ET/PT to see who Canada votes into the Big Brother Canada house! Don't forget, you can only vote once per day so make sure you vote for your favourite the first time around because you won't be able to vote for someone else until the next day. Not sure who to vote for? Check out the secret houseguest bios, plea videos and watch them on the live feed. Happy voting!

Mar 10

Monday Spoilers

Mar 10

Saturday Spoilers

Mar 08

One Down…

Mar 07

Eviction Day Spoilers

Mar 06


We promised you more power and influence on the house than ever before and we're ready to deliver with the first ever TWISTOSTM TWIST! 14 people were sent into the Big Brother Canada house, but they didn't know that 3 more people were following close behind. Canada, now's your chance to vote for the #FINALHG. Over the course of a week, three secret houseguests will be confined to a single secret room, soundproof, room within the house. They will eat and sleep in that one room as they await the results of Canada's first vote. Choose wisely, because only one will be sent in to compete for the grand prize! Will it be Nate Sandri, Allison White or Scott Bosse? Canada, you get to choose. Read their bios of make your vote directly on the homepage. Voting reopens every night at 12am ET and closes on Thursday, March 13th. You can only vote once per day, so make your vote count for even more by registering for an account and interacting with the website. The more points you earn, the more power your have. Watch the secret houseguests enter their secret room tonight at 9pm ET/PT then stick around for the premiere of the Big Brother Canada Side Show at 10pm ET! Once the secret houseguests are in be sure to check them out on the live feeds. You'll be able to watch the single secret room all week long as the houseguests await the results of Canada's vote. It's going to be an exciting season full of twists and secrets, make sure you catch them all Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 9pm ET/PT exclusively on Slice!

Mar 06

Big Brother Returns

Mar 06

Arisa Cox Tells All!

Mar 05

Can't Get Tickets?

Join the rush line! The saying goes 'one person's loss is another person's treasure' and what's more treasured than being in the audience for a Big Brother Canada eviction? When tickets go unclaimed or seats are unfilled for our studio audience, we release tickets to our rush line on a first come, first serve basis. Superfans know the Rush Line gives you the best chance to be a part of the studio audience without previously securing tickets. Thinking of joining the Rush Line? Get the details below: WHO: Anyone can join the Rush Line! Please note that all audience members must be 11 years of age or older. If you are between the ages of 11-16 years old please be sure to bring an adult with you or you may risk your chances of making the cut! WHERE: The Rush Line is located at the Big Brother Canada studio. Showline Studios, 915 Lakeshore BLVD East, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 3L5. The entrance to the Rush Line will be clearly marked. WHEN: The Rush Line will be in effect each Thursday for our Live eviction show. The Rush Line will open at 2:00pm. Please do not arrive before 2:00pm as we may be unable to respect the first come, first serve rule to those who arrive before the scheduled time. HOW: Once the box office has closed and all audience members are seated, we will fill empty seats with Rush Line guests until all studio audience seats have been filled. While all efforts will be made in order for you to sit with the guests you are attending with, we can not guarantee that available seats will be side-by-side. Attending the Rush Line does not guarantee you entrance to our Live Studio audience. While all efforts will be made to ensure our Rush Line attendees gain entrance to the studio audience, the number of admitted guests will be directly related to the number of empty seats before the show. All shows are sold out in advance.

Mar 05

Big Brother's Best Twists

For the past 15 years Big Brother has consistently come up with ways to treat audiences and test houseguests. Take a look back at some of the most unforgettable Big Brother twists from around the world. 1. Big Brother UK: The evil touch - Test Over the course of 71 days during season five a controversial cast was tortured by an "evil" Big Brother. They were deprived of their personal belongings, hot water and numerous household staples. Things got even more twisted when the houseguests learned the grand prize had increased to £ 100,000 but would dwindle based on how the houseguests performed week to week. In the end Nadia Almada took home the £63,500 winnings. 2. Big Brother Denmark: The Battle In it's third season Big Brother Denmark separated the house into two sections leaving the houseguests to fight over who would get to spend time in the luxury space and who would be confined to the underprivileged space. This twist became so popular it's been used in numerous variations ever since - including  the North American Have/Have Not spin. 3. Big Brother Brazil: Bubble Season nine of the Brazilian edition a glass house was built in the middle of a popular shopping mall where fans could get an up close look at four potential houseguests. Unsuspecting houseguests were shocked when they discovered a glass bubble with two strangers was added to their garden. Ultimately fans got to choose if the bubble guests were both allowed into the real house to play for the grand prize. 4. Big Brother Bulgaria: All-female cast? To kick off their fourth season, Big Brother Bulgaria played a twist on fans and houseguests alike by separating the house into two camps and premiering in one house with just 10 female houseguests followed by 10 male houeguests in the second house four days later.  Not twisted enough for you? Production upped it one more notch by "evicting" one male and one female from their respective houses but instead of sending them home they ended up trading spaces. 5. Big Brother US: Project DNA Back in season five, a set of twins fooled the entire house into thinking they were just one player. After five weeks of constantly swapping places Adria Klein and Natalie Carroll were given the chance to play for the grand prize as individuals. What twists are in store for Big Brother Canada season two? Tune in to the season premiere tonight, March 5th, at 9pm ET/PT to find out!

Mar 05

Building The Big Brother Canada House

Season two brings superfans quirky new houseguests and sleek new house. But have you ever wondered what it takes to build the Big Brother Canada house? For starters, you need a dedicated crew, an experienced designer and sponsor who's willing to help you out with some furniture. If you were impressed by the photos, you'll be even more impressed by the numbers! 200,000:     feet of cable fed throughout the house. 59,456:     feet of spruce lumber used to build the structure. 11,000:     combined feet of LVL structural beams holding up the house. 1,875:     sheets of ½" drywall installed. 821:     sheets of ¾" plywood used in construction. 85:     cameras tracking the houseguests. 60:      microphones eavesdropping inside the house. 24:     wireless microphones during production of the show. Watch it all come together during the season premiere Wednesday, March 5th at 9pm ET/PT on Slice!

Mar 01

Big Brother's Top 5 OMG Moments

Tonight's the night! Big Brother Canada premieres at 9pm ET on Slice, and to celebrate this momentous occasion we're looking at the top five biggest moments from the past 14 seasons of Big Brother. Marcellas Doesn't Use His POV You have to be really confident (or really stupid) to win the Power of Veto and NOT use it to take yourself off the block. It's hard to imagine anyone would actually do this, but believe it or not it happened. In Season 3, Marcellas couldn't stand the idea of causing chaos in the house by using the golden veto -- so he didn't. After a tiebreaker vote, he was sent packing. Project DNA Think it's easy to tell twins apart? We beg to differ. It lasted five weeks, and nobody caught on. Season 5 gave fans the ultimate twist as twins took turns in the house playing one houseguest. Once the five weeks were over the lucky ladies got to compete for the grand prize as individuals. Wonder if any Big Brother Canada houseguests have a twin? Cleaning the Loo There's bound to be fights when you're locked in a house with 15 strangers -- and sometimes those fights can get a little dirty. In Season 2, Shannon was furious that Hardy put her and her showmance partner Dr. Will on the block and she wasn't going to sit by and do nothing. After a few hours of letting it simmer, Shannon marched over to the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush in hand and decided to clean house. If it weren't for Big Brother intervening she would've gotten away with it too. Remember houseguests, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer! Game Changer Reality television calls for some serious strategy, and Big Brother delivers it best. In season 5 Nikomis invented the play that will forever be known as "backdooring." Step one, put up two pawns preventing your target from competing for POV. Step two, name target as replacement nominee. Step three, evict! Jase never saw it coming. The rules have changed since then, but the OMG moment remains. Dan Gheesling How can you have a Big Brother OMG countdown and not include Dan?! Who would expect that this Catholic school teacher would be so good at lying, cheating and manipulating his way to the top. And though there are many OMG Dan moments, last seasons "funeral" had to be the biggest. Dan made everyone in the house cry, secured a pack with the HOH, turned his back on his main alliance and exposed the secrets of of the house -- it was the efforts of a mad man, and it paid off, helping Dan cruise his way to the final two.

Feb 27

All About Arisa Cox

For more than a decade, Arisa Cox has made a name for herself on the national stage as an entertainment host, pop culture commentator, journalist, actor and writer. Whether stalking polar bears in the wilds of the subarctic, gabbing with George Clooney on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival or holding her own against paparazzi at the Grammy Awards®, she's enjoyed a diverse career and has had a blast doing it. Most recently, Arisa was a national arts reporter for CBCNN and The National. Prior to her time with the CBC she was the face of the original E! Channel in Canada and hosted celeb-soaked E! News Weekend. She's written fashion commentary for the National Post, consulted at video game giant EA Games and starred in the Disney movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. Arisa underwent 10 years of intensive performing arts training at the Claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto before pursuing an undergraduate degree in Journalism from Carleton University. Having lived on-camera for a full year on Canada's first big reality series, The Lofters, Arisa can relate to the houseguest experience of having your every move caught on camera and witnessed by a national audience. In the years since, she has worked steadily in entertainment, news and reality on both sides of the camera, always eager to try new and unexpected things like hosting the Banff TV Festival awards and Stylus DJ Awards, walking the runway of Toronto Fashion Week, chatting on the airwaves of Flow Radio and acting in the gripping TV mini-series Guns. In the meantime, she also became a mom of two and currently resides in Edmonton, AB with her family. Arisa co-produced an E! film special she shot at Cannes, Sundance and the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as wrote and produced stories as a freelancer for Entertainment Tonight Canada. Arisa's writing has also appeared in the National Post and magazines Inside E, Contra, and Urbanology. Arisa is thrilled to be joining the Big Brother Canada family, and can't wait to play the roles of amateur psychologist, puppet master and confidante, while steering the coolest international social experiment on television!  

Feb 23