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Find out how you can influence the Big Brother Canada house.

Season 3 offers even more ways for fans to influence the show. Each week, follow the episodes and sign up online to play along with Big Brother. You can earn points, make predictions, and vote for what you want to happen to your favourite houseguests. Earn points to level up and make your vote more powerful.

How It Works

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Level Up

Why do I need points?

Earning points unlock higher levels of influence. The higher your level, the more your votes count, and the greater impact you will have on deciding what happens on the show

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How do I earn points?

You can earn points throughout the Big Brother Canada site by making predictions, watching videos, reading blogs, viewing photos, sharing and much more. Check out the icons above to see how many points each action unlocks. Make sure you sign in to save your points.

Are there any limits on points?

The more content you view on the site the more points you will earn, as long as you are signed in. The following items have a daily limit for earning points: Videos, Live Feeds, Photos, Blogs, Houseguests, HOH Look and Sharing. Once you reach the limit for each item you will see a notification and can return the next day to continue earning points.

How do I play the predictions game?

Each week, make your predictions for which houseguest will be named head of household, who will win the power of veto, and who will be nominated and evicted. Tune in to the show to see if you were right, with each correct prediction earning you points!

What is the Big Brother Vault?

The Vault page is where Canada votes on what happens on the show. To have more influence on the show, create a Big Brother account and earn points to unlock higher levels. The higher your level, the more influence your vote will have. Check The Vault for your next chance to vote!

What are the Major Twists?

The Major Twists are your big chance to influence the action in the Big Brother Canada house. These votes have the highest impact on the Houseguests' game. Keep earning points to level up, the higher your level, the more influence your vote will have. Check the homepage for the next Major Twist coming soon!

Can I sign up with a social networking account?

Yes, you can sign up for Big Brother Canada by connecting an existing Facebook or Twitter account. Or, you can create a Big Brother Canada account separately.

Can I change my predictions?

Yes, you can change your predictions at any time, up until the episode airs. Use the toolbar at the bottom of the page to enter or change your predictions from anywhere in the Big Brother Canada site.

Why do I need an account?

Creating an account allows you to collect the points you earn on the site, and level up to increase your voting power. It also gives you a chance to enter the Big Brother Canada Season 3 contest.

When will I receive my points?

Points will be awarded within 24 hours.

How do I level up?

Every point you earn on the site adds up, the more you earn, the higher your level. Check out the table above to see exactly how many points you need to unlock each level.

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